• High-resolution cameras with depth vision and on‑chip artificial intelligence

  • Fully Open-Source

  • Modern and compact design

  • Guides and background information available

AI Camera

Luxonis specialises in manufacturing high-quality cameras suitable for every situation. The cameras include the newest technologies and guarantee the highest quality solutions including AI possibilities


OAK cameras can run any AI model, even custom architectured/built ones. You can even run multiple AI models at the same time, either in parallel or series Luxonis cameras can be used for object tracking, landmark detection, person recognition and many more possibilities.

The possibilities of AI

The possibilities with Luxonis are limitless with the help of artificial intelligence! License plate recognition, object tracking and tracing, fire detection, recognition of objects and much more: Luxonis cameras make it all possible.

Luxonis OAK vs. Intel RealSense

This overview (see picture) shows the main differences between the Luxonis OAK-D Pro and the RealSense D455. Luxonis offers a lot of extras (such as AI modes, tracking, scripting, encryption, etc.), at a lower price and with good availability,

Interested in Luxonis?

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