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If you work with many PoE powered devices and manage their configuration and diagnostics, this small device fits in your pocket will make your life so much easier! The MQS is a tool that lets you manage MikroTik and other devices (including Ethernet-only!) from your smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection!

MQS can be powered from a power bank or a USB charger. It has PoE out to power your devices - you do not even need electricity on-site to perform maintenance, diagnostics or Netinstall!

No more climbing and balancing towers with unwieldy laptops - just carry an MQS in your pocket for safe and simple work anywhere! Unplug the PoE cable from your CPE device, attach the MQS and it will allow you to connect wirelessly and apply basic settings, working as a WiFi to Etherner bridge with PoE output.


- Frequency: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
- Wi-Fi generation: 4
- Number of DC inputs: 2 (PoE-IN, MicroUSB)
- Input Voltage: Passive PoE, 5 - 30 V
- Output Voltage: Passive PoE, 12 V 400 mA (when USB 5 V input is used)
- Max power consumption: 7 W
- Max power consumption without attachments: 1 W
- Operating Temperature: -20C .. +70C

Package Contents:

RBMQS, MQS mounting bracket, Plastic strap, USB cable, Mounting kit (K-33), Fastening strap